The Reflection in Context to a Dragon Fly

by | Aug 4, 2019

A lapse in understanding, I call it Karma, solemnly I stand well ground and without a sound, plain facts, never assumptions, evolution a state of eternal fusion.

I’m engulfed in turmoil, yet they soil my name, life, an endless game, fate a deceiving vice, a slice of life from which I rise, a script of lies. I burden myself with petty things. Pain, have you no remorse?

A nasal bleed, I cut myself with a reed, just like a good seed, I’ve grown quite well, fate, there it stands before me, never has there been one so lovely I call it light because it brightened up a soul.

So dark, a hallmark far greater than time, my origin a symbol of restraint, a remnant of shire grief, a brief text, it’s been a good year, there I was seated softly in a chair, my contemptuous grin is all I could take, teased and teased, arrogant little fellow, they call it destiny, watery blue eyes left only one clue…

And, there it was, the pretty little thing with a smile that every mother would love, a mile away you could gaze so foolishly that it would entrance you in a maze as if without a speck of strife in its life, ever joyous, it’s the plaintiff, a drop of water is my defense, do I have a case?

Certainly not, splendor, a bleak misdemeanor, courage, a cultural entourage, beside it, I fed the natural instinct to provoke it.


Dragon Fly

by Louis Kok

It’s always my fault, it’s always right, disillusioned by arguments, I never lost sight of what’s really important.

Agony is; seeing it leave on a Friday, relief is; watching it walk in on a Monday, embodied by a lustrous smile and an amazing and happening hair style every day of every week.

My crime is falling for an advocate, it reciter maxims and as a point of reference, the penal code, come to think of it, it’s kind of nice having a potential D.P.P on your case once in a while, truth be told I have learnt quite a lot from it and I have patiently grown to apply the mischief rule for its foolishness.

(Samuel Kingsley)

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