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Hallo and welcome to my blog, the aim of this blog is to promote new artists and give them exposure. I will be inviting guest bloggers and fellow artists to share their thoughts and promote their upcoming exhibitions, workshops and life events.

We as South African artists need a platform online to express our views and experiences with galleries to inform artists about the pros and cons of exhibiting in new and established Galleries, often there are hidden costs and clauses we don’t understand.

One of my guest bloggers will discuss these issues and guide artists on a weekly basis. I will interview artists on their upcoming exhibitions and find out exactly what they do during the creative process and find out what the deeper meaning of their work entails.

I will go into detail about my new work and my sometimes bizarre processes to get to the final result, my trials and tribulations.

My motto is delving into detail.


by Louis Kok

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10th - 26th September 2020 – LIQUID BLACK at the Association of Arts Pretoria opening, 10am.